Fitness is about finding and recognizing our inner strength, balance and flexibility in order to enhance our everyday appreciation of our bodies. Fat Yoga® offers a safe space for all body types to experience fun, irreverent fitness on a deeper level. We cheer ourselves on while testing our limits and pushing our boundaries. What will your yoga story be?

Fat Yoga currently holds ongoing classes through the week at our own location, 6340 SE Foster. As yet all classes are taught by Mack, a certified Fat Yoga instructor with over 15 years yoga experience. We finally have our very own Fat Yoga Studio and Fat Positive community center, stay tuned for more updates and exciting events! 

FAT YOGA® Leader Training is Finally Here!!! 

Have you thought about being Fat Yoga Class Leader?  You been practicing a while with us? Did you practice with us before but gotten away (because life)? Do you have a strong desire to share your own journey around body positivity via a sustained yoga practice at Fat Yoga?  If so, the Fat Yoga® Leader Training may be the opportunity you have been waiting for.  We’re interested in teaching y'all how to create a more inclusive yoga experience when it comes to intensity level, corrections, modifications & alignment. Come learn what Radical Self Love means in the anti-oppression context and how it’s supported by the essence of yoga guiding principals.  Applications are being accepted now with training starting February 2nd. Internship opportunities at Fat Yoga may be available upon completion of this Leader Training. Send an email to info@fatyoga.org for course syllabus & welcome letters.

Not quite ready for the Leader Training yet?.... 

Need a Nudge?

If you're a bit nervous or maybe just need a little reassurance, we would be happy to meet with you ahead of time to discuss your questions or concerns. Stop by or call for a tour.