Anna Ipox, Fat Yoga Instructor
The Thing About Fat Yoga®

First and most obvious, Fat Yoga classes are tailored to people who may not be the stereotypical yoga student. While most of us identify as fat, it's certainly not a requirement for participation. You do NOT need to be a specific size to be welcome at Fat Yoga. 

Poses are presented and modified to each individual's ability. The size of our thighs, arms, bellies, and butts all change the way we are capable of expressing the traditional asanas (poses). Fat Yoga honors and embraces our differences and strives to create an environment where all bodies can do all poses.

Fat Yoga has no objective or claim towards weight loss. Frankly, we are not interested in it. We focus on strength building, flexibility, balance, self-acceptance and peace of mind. There is much evidence of yoga's transformative powers. Through a committed yoga practice, we can embrace our relationship with our bodies and find joy in movement.

Meet Anna, Fat Yoga® Founder and Instructor

Anna has been studying and practicing yoga for over 12 years. While she had many great experiences as a yoga student, she never quite found the right class that understood the way fat bodies move AND provided a vigorous, sweaty, challenging workout. She decided it was time to start her own yoga studio that both respected and motivated larger bodies. She completed her yoga teacher certification and, in June of 2011, Fat Yoga was born. Anna is able to combine her love and passion for yoga with her experiences as a fit woman of size to create an environment that both nurtures and pushes her growing number of flabulously fit students.