Learn about finding Love, Truth, Empowerment & Acceptance in your own life. Classes are compassionate, kind, and light-hearted. Come prepared to laugh and sweat!

Intro Series
During this series we’ll explore the ways our bodies move and work best. Our classes focus on adapted and basic essential poses and sequences of positions, which are suited for fat bodies. We'll mindfully approach positions and moving between them to build strength, flexibility and confidence in our own unique bodies. The three objectives are: 
1. build community - friendly faces makes everything better! 
2. learn warm-up sequences - free will never felt so good!
3. find trust - coaching and learning is mutually inclusive!

In our continuing evolution we're finding the ways to maintain and create pro-fat fitness and exercise that is both non-violent and everyone is welcome. Each session in this series will build on the next, towards joining All Level classes. (This series is prerequisite for All-Level classes.) Space is limited to only 12 people per class, reserve your spot early.

**Folks new to our space (even those experienced in "yoga" itself) must complete the Intro series before participating in All Level classes.
We offer varied scheduling options. To ensure your online reservation, click here. In the meantime, join us for a Community Class! (attending community classes while awaiting  the start of your Intro Series is an excellent way to join in on pro-fat life now!). Why wait?  

1x per wk for 5 weeks
May 10th - June 7th 
Wed 6-7:15pm

May 11th - June 8th 
Thurs 6-7:15pm

May 31st - June 28th (early mornings!)
Mon 6-7am

Community Classes

Community classes are guided open practice. These classes are a collaborative effort between leader and learners. The flow of class generally tends to be gentle to beginner. Donations are accepted and the community class is freely offered. Community classes do not require the completion of an Intro Series prior to attending. Excellent if you want to "just see" before you commit to the Intro Series. For our friends in-from-out-of-town, this is the best option for getting some Pro-Fat community time. To secure your spot in class, click here.

Ongoing Classes
All Levels: Classes are structured so each person has autonomy over their own body and its movement. Focus is on breath, alignment and postures through sequences and held poses. We'll develop an awareness of and connection to our body’s phenomenal capabilities. Classes build on the foundation of the Intro Series. This type of practice fosters stronger bodies, by awaking & activating core strength. These classes bring the heat, working ourselves to a glistening sheen, while still allowing space for a gentle practice. For extra challenge and to boost your benefits, add a third, or even fourth class per week. All memberships include unlimited classes.  To secure your spot in class, click here.

May 9th - June 8th, 2017
6-7am - Community Class (early mornings, finally!)
430-530pm - All Levels 
6-7pm -  All Levels

6-7pm - Community Class 

6-7am - All Levels (early mornings, finally!)

430-530pm - All Levels 
6-7pm - All Levels 


6-7pm - Intro Series 


9-10am - All Levels 
1030-1130am - Community Class
12-1pm - Meditations on Resistance 


What to Bring  
  • Water, tea or refillable container
  • Mat (some loaners & for purchase available)
  • A (mostly) empty belly


Intro Orientation Series 

Fat Track Membership* (Available In-Studio only) All memberships are unlimited 

Unlimited classes monthly
$57- $127
 (sliding scale, self chosen)

Single Class Drop-in Rate 
$15 (no one is ever turned away for lack of funds)

*Fat Tracks require monthly autopay (cancel anytime), every 13th month free. 

Farewell to Fat Yoga

Fat Yoga has run its course. You’ve offered so much love and support these last six years and contributed in profound ways to the human Ive become. You’ve taught me that resisting, surviving and thriving, despite pervasive anti-fat oppression can be a unifying identity towards dismantling white supremacy. I'm grateful to each of you who sought me out, who accepted my awkward overtures of friendship. I’m so honored to be in radical, fat-loving community. Recent self critiques have me taking ownership and responsibility for my own unclear, muddy boundaries. The toxic alchemy of trauma induced self depreciating and white supremacist orientalism means I have crumpled people's feelings and been crumpled too, along the way. It's time I take accountability for these and other self care needs; that I may offer my best self in the most effective service to our collective liberation. 

If you've been missing me like I've been missing you, come out and see me for a class before we surrender keys to the studio. All classes through July 15th, 2017, Community Classes, (public and offered freely); donations are appreciated to help offset closing & living costs during this transition. Do NOT let capitalism win, come stretch with me even if you’re broke too. I want to see you. After July 15th, I’ll be getting the studio ready to hand off.

Happily there is still opportunity for our fat citizens to preserve 6340 for the community space it always coulda shoulda been! The Fat Self Center has a few challenges and tons of possibilities! I’ll assist in transitioning the relationships with vendors and landlords to the new leadership. If this is something you're interested being involved with, there's more info here. Marina can be reached at Marina@fatselfcenter.org

All Fat Track autopays stop June 30th, ensuring most of July's expenses are covered. No autopays July 1st or after. If we have unfinished business, please reach out and remind me. I'm happy to be accountable and make amends. My recent mental health and anxiety makes the phone impossible, however come see me or drop a line on fb or email mack@fatyoga.org, I will get back to you.

I am taking the summer to evaluated and adjust my fat roles. Grief for my father is tied to opening the studio nearly five years ago. Friday would have been his 61st birthday, late August, his death-day. I need to finally grieve and mourn and let myself feel those things. Clearly therapy - finding the right therapist proves to be a full time gig itself. I’m seeking a quiet data-type job with medical benefits. I must talk less, listen and write more. I need to divest and pass along the rights of FY to SAAPYA. I need some introvert time, and I appreciate y'all letting me. I believe in the kind of fat movement we’ve already cultivated; together, we’ll cultivate Fat Flex.

I do hope too see y’all at Fat Affirmative Tactical Camp! Collaborating between a few of us rad fat locals, we’ve reserved an entire scouts-type campground! For many of us, our primary fat community is online. My own journey from weight neutral, through body positive to now fat affirmative is because many of you shared your experiences with me personally. We aim for this same kind of shift for all of us at FAT Camp. We’re gonna fortify our Summer of ’17 eating, laughing, flexing, sharing stories and rejoicing in our collective fatness together. If its everything we imagine, maybe we’ll have another in 2018. 

Lastly, to honor my commitments and the legalities of FY, the videos are still available. I do not wish to personally profit from ‘yoga’ therefore starting in August, proceeds from the videos rentals/purchases will be divided between two Black, Queer, fat, disabled women who have graciously agreed. Both are dedicated activists, one is a teacher, the second an artist without stable income.  Each prioritizes nuanced, free education online everyday. Neither of them need my help and I am grateful they share of themselves, ensuring a better world. 

I already miss y'all and because capitalism, I may have limited availability for private/semi-private or pop-up classes in the interim, at the Fat Self Center, send me a message on fb or mack@fatyoga.org

My gratitude for reading all the way to the end. Everything I am is because of you all.