Learn about finding Love, Truth, Empowerment & Acceptance in your own life. Classes are compassionate, kind, and light-hearted. Come prepared to laugh and sweat!

Intro Series
During this series we’ll explore the essential basic poses and the Sun Salutation sequences. We'll safely approach asanas (poses), build strength, flexibility and confidence in our own amazing bodies. Awakening the connection between mind, body & spirit; we’ll learn about matching breath with movement.  Each class will build on the next. Space is limited to only 12 folks per class, reserve your spot early. Required for participation in ongoing classes. Community Classes, of course, are open to anyone regardless of Intro Series completion or no.

**Folks new to Fat Yoga (even those experienced in yoga itself) must complete the Intro series before participating in ongoing classes.
We offer varied scheduling options. To ensure your online reservation, click here. In the meantime, join us for a Community Class! (yogis who attend community classes while awaiting their turn in the intro series report have a much more comfy & beneficial Intro Series). There's no reason to delay! 

1x per wk for 4 weeks (First Intro Series for 2017!!)

Jan 9th - 30th 
Mons 730-845pm

Jan 18th - Feb 8th
Weds 6-715am

Jan 18th - Feb 8th
(Trans Only*)
Weds 730-845pm

Community Classes

Community classes are fully-guided open yoga practice. These classes are a collaborative effort between the yogis & the instructor. The flow of class generally tends to be gentle to beginner. While donations are accepted, the community class is freely offered. Community classes do not require the completion of an Intro Series prior to attending. To secure your spot in class, click here.

Ongoing Classes
All Levels: Classes are structured so each person has autonomy over their own yoga practice. Focus is on breath, alignment and postures through the basic Sun Salutation poses. We'll develop an awareness of and connection to our body’s amazing capabilities. Classes build on the foundation of the Intro/Orientation Series. This type of practice fosters active lifestyles, by awaking & activating core strength. These classes bring the heat, working ourselves right up to a nice, glistening sheen, while still allowing space for a gentle practice. For extra challenge and to boost your benefits, add a third, or even fourth class per week. (see below for schedule & fees)  To secure your spot in class, click here.

January 9th to 31st, 2017

430-530pm - All Levels 
6-7pm - All Levels 

730-845pm - Intro Series (1/9 - 30th)

6-7pm - Community Class 
730-830pm - All Levels 

6-715am - Intro Series (1/18 - 2/8th)

430-530pm - All Levels 
6-7pm - All Levels 
730-830pm - Intro Series (11/2 - 23rd)


6-7pm - All Levels 
730-830pm - All Levels


9-10am - All Levels 
1030-1130am - Community Class



What to Bring
  • Water, tea or refillable container
  • Mat (some loaners & for purchase available)
  • An empty belly


Intro Orientation Series 

Fat Track Membership** (Available In-Studio only) All memberships are unlimited 

Unlimited classes monthly
$57- $127
 (sliding scale, self chosen)

Single Class Drop-in Rate 
$15 (no one is ever turned away for lack of funds)

*Including trans, non-binary, two-spirit, intersex and genderqueer/non-conforming folx (no cis people) 
**Fat Tracks require monthly autopay (cancel anytime), every 13th month free.