Fat Affirmative Tactical Camp (finally!!!)

Finally! Y'all have been asking for years, and finally we’re gonna get our own fat centered retreat. As plans were fomenting and the myriad details were getting organized, we’d been referred to the project lovingly, simply as fat camp. You know, cuz we’re fat and its gonna be at a campground. Then, well into the process, as we included more fats into the conversation, we came to full realize the term “fat camp” has heinous implications. As we are wont to do here in Portland’s pro-fat community, we’re reclaiming it! Fat Affirmative Tactical Camp is officially a born. 

It is our mission to offer opportunities radicalize our relationships with our bodies and our fatness further along the spectrum from mere ‘positivity’ or ‘acceptence’ to full blown, pro-adipose, Fat Affirmative. 

We believe in the alchemic blend of understanding that surviving, resisting and thriving, in spite of the very real experiences of oppressions specific to anti-fat bias and other marginalized identities can be a unifying force in our collective liberation. 

[ We'e building out all the details, stay tuned! Last update 5/8/17. Put an earlybird reservation on it for 20% off! ] 
What we have so far: 

Friday, Sept 29th - Monday, Oct 2nd 2017

Four Days, three nights, lodging in rustic bunk beds, gourmet hearty meals*, big ol’ crowd of fatty fat friends, and the entire camp ground in beautiful Walton, Oregon! By us fats for us fats, centering the experiences of the fattest amongst us. Absolutely NO diet talk or weight-loss glorification.**

Everyone who reserves their spot at Fat Affirmative Tactical Camp will have access to the private attendees-only Facebook group. There, we’ll collaborate on some of the programming details to ensure maximum fatness and well-being. Opportunities to lead, participate in conversational, casual, fat-centric workshops. Jonnie & Mack have a couple options to offer as well. We’ll finalize our line up by majority vote as capacity and resources allow.
Awkward and Social Bench; we’ll have a designated spot for folks who are feeling friendly but having a hard time approaching in the moment. Those of us who are more extraverted will be happy to check in and strike up a conversation. We’ll not foster in any kind of  in-group/out group clique cultureand are committed to everyone feeling seen, welcome and comfortable.  

Accessibility; we're
told there is mobility-device access to most parts of camp, however we're headed out for a tour May 9th to get specific measurements and details. email us with questions at fatcamp@fatyoga.org 

*Vegetarian friendly options available at each meal. Allergy restrictions respected and accommodated as best as we’re able. We may not be able to accommodate everyone’s needs however we’re gonna do our damnedest, drop us at line at fatcamp@fatyoga.org

**Smaller fats speaking of these things is an entirely different conversation than larger fats and there must to be space for the conversations of those most marginalized in our fat community. This piece will be addressed in-group by participants prior to camp starting to create best practices via the private FAT Camp fb group.