Meditations on Resistance 

At Fat Yoga we’ve been asking ourselves many difficult questions since we first came to understand the overlaps of oppression and lack of access. Fat Yoga has learned some of the answers over the last several years and Fat Yoga has a very long way to go.

Before we can offer worthwhile Solidarity or effectively join established Resistance efforts, we have to make a study of our own Self. Labor is required from each of us to augment our short-comings while embracing our strengths and social-power. In the broader context, on the figurative roadmap of Resistance, we must understand and cultivate even more strength to take responsibility for our own social-locations. These are both possible through intensive self-examination that includes challenging, interrupting and striving-to-unlearn the toxic messaging prevalent in our current culture. Well-developed reflexivity requires quiet contemplation and active discourse. 

To that objective, Fat Yoga is thrilled to humbly offer Mediations on Resistance 

Ongoing Classes

Meditations on Resistance weekly classes are open to people of all sizes. Each week, our meditations focus on a single relevant topic, intended to develop our own analysis through a fat-affirmative lens. By spending time each week mindfully exploring these concepts, we are empowered to move towards Solidarity. Each class offers Next Step action items to take with you.



April 15th 
Intro to "Resistance"; when is resisting a fatal flaw and how it can be a super power? 

April 22nd
Solidarity; are we claiming it or offering it?

April 29th
Good Fatty Tropes; is justification of our fatness oppressive? 

May 6th
Ableism; who’s doing it & who’s getting hurt?

This type of meditation practice is often emotional, usually uncomfortable and sometimes, a scary process. We do tough self-work during these classes. As always, Fat Yoga is a casual format with plenty of room for feelings, fumbling, using whichever words we know to express difficult ideas and our own truths.  These opportunities for expansion happen in a supportive, radically kind community. 

Please Note: Alongside the weekly concepts, Fat Yoga’s perspective is solidly fat affirmative and disruptive to anti-fat bias. People of ALL sizes ARE welcome. 


The term “meditation” encompasses a broad variety of practices, spiritual beliefs, and intentions.  Fat Yoga holds with mediation as inward introspection as a means of self care and examination of our own (im)perfect contributions to humanity. We offer practical tools for development of compassion, kindness, patience, responsibility and resistance. Fat Yoga does not offer any spiritual guidance beyond our core belief in each human’s inherent value.  

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