Why We Love Fat Yoga

"Fat Yoga has helped me rediscover and appreciate my body again. We get so many messages that our bodies are "wrong", it's nice to be able to celebrate how amazing our bodies really are, fat or not. Since starting classes, I've gotten so much stronger and more flexible. I love the physical exertion of the class (we do get sweaty!) and I love the challenge of learning and mastering new poses. I feel strong and centered, and I find that I move through my own life with more ease and peace."

— April / High School Teacher


"I felt MORE than comfortable at Fat Yoga. Knowing that everyone was SO accepting, I was truly able to relax and enjoy the benefits of yoga in these classes. The instructor, Anna, made the feeling in the room light with her witty jokes, but you could tell you were there for yoga. I was able to connect with my inner-self and meet some amazing ladies. I definitely would recommend this program for anyone who wants to become fit and find inner peace." 

— Phoebe / Toddler Chaser


"I love Fat Yoga! It made my body and my spirit feel better! Anna is a fabulous teacher that had me laughing all the way through class." 

— Colleen / Nurse


"Fat Yoga is so much more than I ever hoped it could be. I feel so challenged and invigorated during class. Sticking with it and becoming a yoga regular has made me so much more in touch with my body, my core strength, and my flexibility."

— Irina / Graphic Designer


"Fat Yoga makes me feel strong enough to kick some ass, but relaxed enough that I don't want to! Anna's classes combine hard-core sweating with irreverent giggling in a safe and supportive environment."

— Marianne / Print Shop Manager